Welcome to the Town of Ahnapee, Wisconsin


In-person voting takes place at Ahnapee Town Hall, 303 N Water St, Algoma, WI.   Times of elections are 7:00 am – 8:00pm.

The upcoming election will be held on Tuesday, April 7,2020. This election is the Presidential Preference Primary.     In order to vote you must have photo identification, either a Wisconsin drivers license or a Wisconsin ID card and proof of residency if you have just moved to the Town of Ahnapee.

Due to the Coronavirus, you are encouraged to vote by absentee ballot.

If you need an absentee ballot you may contact Sharon Grosbeier, Town Clerk, at 920-487-3806 at least two weeks prior to the election  OR

For Absentee Ballet applications go to myvote.wi.gov or see absentee application under the government tab, election information on this website.

We are looking for poll worker’s to help out in the upcoming elections. If you are interested  in working at the polls, please contact Sharon  Grosbeier at 920-487-3806. Poll worker’s are paid an hourly rate.